NWWR La Roche Maré

For X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.40


– X-Plane 10.20 – minimum and the specific version of X-Plane 11.26+ is required for this scenery package to run properly.

– CDB_Library  version 2.6 downloadable on this link: 


– Copy the folder (NWWR- La Roche Maré New Caledonia) into your X-Plane10/11 – Custom Scenery folder.

– If you attempt to use Ortho4XP, as first, copy the folders with the ortho tiles into your Custom Scenery. Then install the scenery folder in the same location.

– Install CDB_Library v. 2.6 if you haven’t already.

– Tick the option “runway follow terrain contours” on your Settings to see the scenery as-real-it-gets. This is optional!


– Highly accurate scenery for NWWR La Roche Maré with all buildings modeled

– Detailed airport objects, trees and vehicles

– Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron

– Custom surroundings buildings

– Custom airport lights

– High-resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures

– High-resolution building textures – all in 2K and 4K

– Excellent night effects

– WT3 compatible   

Important Note

**I truly recommend using Ortho4XP for this area. The effect above the sea and the whole island is much better than the original overlays and mesh.


-This scenery package is for personal, non-commercial use only.

-Redistributing this scenery or any part of it is prohibited.

-The copyright is a legal right, existing in many countries, that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights.

-Copy, modified or tampered any objects of this scenery package is forbidden in any way and protected by the copyright’ laws.

-This scenery package is free, and no payments are requested for it.  

-CC Creative Commons 88x31


2018 CDB Sceneries © Copyright



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